Hey there! How you doing? My name, is Jackie. Just another depressed 16 year old girl. Welcome to my blog! Where I post whatever I feel like posting! O-O *waves glittery rainbow flag around*


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i want to make friends but at the same time no

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Help Kalya to enter university →



We are trying to help one of our friend to enter university. She is very smart and a good person but many bad things happenned in her life.

Because of this, she was forced to start working as soon it was possible to make money and being able to survive. But her jobs don’t let her save…


When you say something smart and people are shocked


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“I distinctly heard the barman in the pub last night refer to us as Sassenachs.”

“Well, I hope you didn’t take offense. It only means englishman, after all. Or at worst, outlander.”

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